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Reef at Mili Atoll in the Marshall Islands
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Political Status: Independent nation since 1986

Language: Marshallese and English

Currency: U.S. Dollar

Population: Approximately 51,000

Average Air Temperature: 81 degrees F

Average Water Temperature: 84 degrees F

Number Of Islands: 1,225

Number Of Atolls: 29

Ocean Area: 750,000 Square Miles

Capital: Majuro, Majuro Atoll

Location: Located in Central Pacific, approx. 2,200 miles west of Honolulu, 1,600 miles east of Guam and about 2,600 miles south east of Tokyo. It lies between 4 and 19 degrees N latitude and between 160 & 173 degrees E longitude. Majuro is a five-hour jet flight from Honolulu.

Airport Facilities: Majuro International Airport and Kwajalein Airport are served by Continental Micronesia. There are airstrips on 26 of the atolls and these are served by small Air Marshall Islands planes.

Passports And Visas: Visitors must possess a valid passport and may stay up to 90 days without an extension. U.S. citizens do not require a visa.

Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required.

Postal System: Mail is handled by the U.S. Postal Service.

Telephone Service: 24-hour telephone service is reliable on Majuro and Ebeye via satellite links.

Electricity: Electricity on Majuro and Ebeye is generated by modern power plants. They supply 110- volt/60 cycle power. Outer islands have small generators and some solar panels.

Water: It is advisable to use bottled drinking water when traveling in the Marshall Islands, which is readily available on Majuro and Ebeye.

Accommodations: Small but modern hotels are available on Majuro and Ebeye. Very limited guest cottage facilities are available on some outer islands. Outrigger Hotels has just opened up their newest 150 room hotel in Majuro.

Restaurants: Restaurants on Majuro and Ebeye feature local dishes, particularly fresh fish, plus American, Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Airport Tax: All visitors over the age of 12 must pay a $15 departure fee at the time of departure.

Tipping: Tipping is not customary in the Marshall Islands.

Medical Facilities: There are hospitals on Majuro and Ebeye.

Local Transportation: Buses, taxis and rental cars are available on Majuro and Ebeye.

Inter-Island Travel: Air Marshall Islands provides inter-island travel via 19-seat Dornier planes.

Marshall Islands Web Site
RMI Online: Unofficial Internet Guide for the Marshall Islands. Details many aspects of life in the Marshalls, including travel and tourism.

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